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      Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake Units

 Electromagnetic-actuated Micro Clutches and Brakes

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are devices that, as their names suggest, couple, release, brake and hold machinery in place using electromagnetic force generated by passing a current through a coil. They are divided into two types by their method of actuation: electromagnetic actuated and spring actuated. Electromagnetic actuated refers to clutches and brakes that are actuated when a current is passed through a coil; spring actuated refers to brakes that are actuated by the force of a spring when current to the coil is shut off, as happen in power outages. Miki Pulley divides its electromagnetic clutches and brakes into several major categories: electromagnetic-                    actuated clutches and brakes, spring-actuated brakes, electromagnetic tooth clutches, brake motors, and electromagnetic clutch and                                        brake power supplies. We provide a particularly wide range of electromagnetic-actuated clutches and brakes,

                                       including models with large and small transmission torques and units that combine functionality.

                                                                    This enables us to supply the optimal product for your application.

Electromagnetic-actuated                 Clutches and Brakes

Spring-Actuated Brakes

 Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches

Brake Motors

Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Power Supplies

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