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There are two types of stators: a flange-mounted type that uses space effectively and a bearing-mounted type that is easy to set in place on the shaft.By combining them with armature assemblies that come in three different mounting shapes, a total of six types are available to match your mounting conditions.

 102 Models

Electromagnetic-actuated Micro Clutches and Brakes

The stators are bearing-mounted types, which can be easily set in place on the shafts.Two types are available for different shaft RPMs: a dry metal type and a ball bearing type. Miki Pulley has experience making a wide array of products customized to customer requirements by assembling three types of armatures with pulleys and gears and then combining these with shafts.

 CYT Models

These high-performance, compact micro brakes have the same basic design as micro clutches.Choose the optimal model from among the three types of armature assemblies, which have different mounting shapes.

 112 Models

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