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Minply's air (expending) shafts are expanded immediately under air pressure for instant roll mounting and gripping securely and fast without damage to the core or roll. Moreover, at the touch of the fingers (keys, lugs etc.) between shaft and core, they collapse positively for quick roll removal. The shafts consist of three basic parts - a metal body cast in tough, durable, steel or aluminum alloy, an uniquely elastomeric air expanding element and end journals treated with phosphorous salt film. Simplicity and high reliability of shaft design, and high tension strength-to-weight ratio assure rugged, reliable performance with minimum maintenance in excellent economy and ease of operation. 

All Minply's air (expanding) customized (OEM and ODM) shafts (Button, Key, Lug, Leaf types) are our custom manufactured to your specifications. And standardized components facilitate quick, cost-effective construction and replacement .

Applications :

Shafts are engineered to meet the demands of virtually every rewinding and unwinding application. Especially, OEM and ODM shaft products from customers are acquired for various processes in a wide variety of converting and printing systems. Each type widely offers various special options such as aluminum construction, cantilevered support and more. 

Features :

1. Low Price and Patented Products 
2. Greatest Gripping Force 
3. Quick Actuation and Easy Replacement 
4. Easy Maintenance and Utmost Durability 
5. No Core Slip and No Damage to The Core

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