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Nitco - Centralized Lubrication System Leader


Nitco is a leading supplier of Centralized Lubrication System for both oil and grease. We have been always searching for the products to satisfy our customers with the best and most advanced systems, products and parts. From our long time experiences and skills in this field enable us to understand and solve individual problems successfully for all our customers.

Apart from the above, we are able to supply almost all products ex-stock to response to the immediate needs of our customers, as well as the support and after services to assist our customers to solve the production issues.




The products we supplied are for both oil and grease, and can be also selected in both automatic and manaul types. We assure you that the products we selected are in top rank, good design and advanced technology. You can find information from this website for almost all the products you need. For example


       Oil Lubrication System                             Grease Lubrication System

       Automatic Pump                                        Manual Pump

       Distributor                                                  Oil /Air Unit

       Sprayer                                                        Piping parts and accessories

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