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Nitco's Power Transmission Equipment solves problems for all industrial machines in every plants. 


Our variety of industrial products, Electro-Magnetic Clutches and Brakes, Flexible Couplings, Speed Control,  and many other accessories & parts ease operation and prolong the life of your industrial machines and equipment, save cost by improving the efficiency & lowering matainence cost and shorten the down time of your machines by the huge stock provided. 

Nitco is wide ranges of Power Transmission equipment offer high quality products at great prices, and, all of them are among the most advanced technologically evolved Power Transmission products in this field of business 



   Electro-Magnetic Clutch and Brake                      Coolant and Lubrication Pumps & Motors 


   Centralized Lubrication System                            Stainless steel hygeinic rotor pump 


   Industrial Sensors and Safety equipment           Variable Speed Drives 


   Flexible Couplings                                                    Worm gear speed reducer and Gear Motor 


   Industrial Fand and Blowers                                  Air, Pneumatic & Spring Brakes 





After being an authorized distributor of Power Transmission products for more than 60 years, all Nitco experts can help you save money, time and labour cost on replacement parts and accessories by giving you the best selection of the products or proper advice for all solutions. Nitco has long-standing business relationships with leading manufacturers of many well-known industrial products such as Showa, Makishinko, Miki Pulley, Max Power and many others, which allows us to offer you their best parts at our best prices.

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