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Electronics & Electrics parts, accessories and control

Originally established as the company who did the after service and maintainence job for all industrial plants since 1950, Nitco has grown up to become the leader in electronics and electrics parts supplier. As the distributor of Electronics and Electrics components for several brand-name products world-wide, Nitco has expanded on its local, personal focus, and added a global presence to its customer orientation. Add in excellent service combined with delivery accuracy, we are now having a powerful supply chain to meet customers' demands. 

Nitco understands the importance of customers' requirement. That’s why we can offer multiple service options to satisfy every need. A network of sales across the country provides expertise manager who knows and understands industries' and customers' needs. The Nitco website,, offers several hundred products, and is a powerful tool for any engineer or purchaser at the time of order. As well, customers enjoy searching for solutions for everything from replacement to maintenance or repair and more. For those who prefer to use hard copy source, Nitco distributes catalogs at no cost to its customers. 

With our strong relationships with suppliers, and an Authorized Distributor for all our suppliers, we are in a good strength in obatining high standard products with good quality and availability. We assure you that we are able to satisfy the needs of customers for all applications of industry. 

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