Tapping Ewuipment Brother Tapping Units
Six models (vertical or horizontal) are available with capacities from 000-120 pitch through 1-1/8"-12 pitch.


1.    Automatic precision feeding mechanism
By using proper master pitch gears (change gears A and B pair), the tap is correctly fed at the rate of one pitch of its thread, while making one full revolution, same system as lathe.  This is a unique feature of the brother Hi-Tap, which has these advantages:
Highly accurate threads can be tapped with rapid succession and precision.  No excessive thrust force is exerted by feeding the  spindle sleeve in and out, and thus the thread is never fractured or overcut.  High quality threads can be tapped in such elastic or fragile materials and light alloys, as accurately as to tap in hard substances such as cast irons.
There is no extra pressure (downward & upward) exerted on the parts.  No parts clamp is needed except for preventing parts from rotating, thereby speeding up the tapping process.  So, more simple and convenient jig can be used.

2.    Repeat cycle and single cycle.  No skill required
By a mere turn of the selecting knob, brother Hi-Tap will operate on a repeat or single cycle.  A foot switch is also available, freeing the operator's hands.  Since the brother Hi-Tap is fully automated, enabling operators to have hands free to load and unload the parts, the machine requires little skill to produce high-quality parts.

3.    Precise and simple control of the stroke length
The length of the tapping stroke can easily be adjusted for high accuracy.  Because of simple and accurate automatic reversal mechanism, any length of tapping stroke can be adjusted to the high accuracy.  This is especially important in blind-hole tapping application.

4.    High speed repeat cycle
In repeat cycle, the machines can endure in  high speed operation, such as 40 cycles per minute in model BT0, 50 cycles in model BT1 and 20 cycles in model BT2, because of using a specially designed motor produced by Brother Industries, Ltd., the highest quality magnetic switches, and limit switches.

5.    Double friction clutch eliminated tap breakage
Excessive load on the tap due to wear or undersized drilled hole, triggers release of the spindle rotational friction clutch.  In case the tap is fed into the wrong point or meets some obstacles, the feed friction clutch is designed to idle.

6. High productivity with multi-spindle head fitting and special machine using
These machines can be attached multi-spindle head and maken specially designed machine by using horizontal one. So, work efficiency can be more increased.



Specifications (All Metric equipment)

(Net Weight)
(70kg , 154 lbs)
(Net Weight)
Max. travel of spindle
28 (1.10)
230 (9.06)
* Tapping capacity in mild steel
Under M4 x P0.7 (0.157)
Max. travel of head
180 (7.09)
Max.distance between spindle and table
240 (9.45)
Working surface of table
180 x 200
(7.09 x 7.87)
Motor rating
1/4 HP (200 W)
3 phases
Spindle (r.p.m.)
50 Hz
1670 , 835
60 Hz
2000 , 1000

Possible tapping pitches

( ) sizes are special order change-gears.

Metric Pitches
0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.75
Thread per inches
(120), (112), 100, (96), 80, (72), 64, 56, 48, 44, 40, (36), (32), (28), (24)








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